Why Groups?


It is fundamental to our humanity that it is not good for us to be alone. We cannot fully be all that we were made to be unless we exist in community with one another. This is true for humanity in general, and it is especially true for the body of Christ. We often say at Story Church that there is no such thing as an individual relationship with Jesus. When we come to know Christ, we enter into relationship with one another in Christ. We meet together throughout the week because we need other people in our lives to encourage us, challenge us, speak truth to us, and love us. We cannot do this alone.

At Story Church, we offer two kinds of groups.

The first is called Story Groups. Story Groups meet weekly and are open to everyone, and they typically meet at someone’s house. In these groups, we practice the four rhythms of discipleship; Fellowship, Prayer, Bible Study, and Hospitality. Story Groups are designed to welcome people exploring who Jesus is, as well as Christians. It’s one of our best ways to get connected to the life of the church. 

The second kind of groups that we offer are called Discipleship Groups and they are smaller and more intimate. Ranging from 4 to 6 people, these gender-specific groups are designed to facilitate deeper conversations about our lives. In Discipleship Groups, we use a helpful tool that walks through the different sphere of our lives (family, friends, work, leisure, finances, health, etc.) asking how the Story of Jesus is shaping each of these spheres. Discipleship Groups are for designed for anyone who has already joined the story of Jesus through faith in Him. 

To get connected to one of these groups, contact Story Church at [email protected]